Thursday, June 28, 2012

Our First Sinclair DNA Video

Back when I first made a major overhaul of the Sinclair DNA website, this video was on it. Parts of one of the charts has changed, and we've certainly learned a lot more, but the basic approach has proven true - Let the data lead where it may.
Click here to see it on YouTube -

Sinclair DNA U106 SNP

This week on Tumblr, I've put up an article about the Sinclair DNA Study's U106 Lineage. In it, I cover our 4 very different SNPs -
U106*, Z9*, Z1 and Z1.

If you're a member of the family and are thinking of taking our DNA test, please learn more about the power of SNP testing.

Click here to learn more about the U106 SNP in the Sinclair DNA study.

There's a great deal more on the U106 SNP at the Sinclair DNA website.

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Our original video that we put up on the launch of the Sinclair DNA website.