Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sinclair DNA on Tumblr

Today, I opened a Tumblr account. I explain why on my first post. It's all based on the fact that genealogy is now so completely dependent upon the Internet, on digitization of files, etc.

Visit Sinclair DNA on Tumblr

To succeed, the Sinclair DNA study must continue to attract those who are searching for help online. With more online assets, we're better able to intersect with those who are looking for historical information on their Sinclair / St. Clair / Sinceler families and who might consider using DNA to get more answers.

Getting more and more data is the key. While difficult to maintain all these digital assets, it's beginning to pay off. We're now signing up an average of 1 new member every two weeks. More date equals more clarity. I wrote about this several years ago on the website under the "Methodology" link on the left hand side.  On that page I urge Sinclair members to test more DNA markers tests to give us a more clear picture of our background. The same can be said of signing up more Sinclairs worldwide in our DNA study - more member data gives us a much better idea of our family's history.

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