Saturday, April 7, 2012

New Sinclair DNA Members Joining

This is exciting news. We have some very interesting new Sinclair family members joining our DNA study.

Yesterday, I made contact with a genealogists who has very good documents which appear to point back to Gen. Arthur Sinclair. She and several other distant cousins have pooled their resources so as to test someone they believe is a direct descendent of the general. If their genealogy is correct, then this will be a wonderful addition to our knowledge base in the Sinclair DNA study.

General Arthur Sinclair hails from the Caithness region in northern Scotland. Participants in our DNA study can probably guess as easily as I can which type of DNA this person will have. Our current members in the DNA study, who have good documents research pointing back to Caithness, all show a particular SNP - Z1. However, we do have one person with extremely good documents research pointing back to Caithness who has a completely different SNP - Z9*

My bet is on Z1.

The wonderful thing about finding great researchers is that it gives our Lineages a great deal more data. And the Gen. Arthur Sinclair story definitely Requires more data. In fact, all of our lineages do.

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