Friday, May 11, 2012

Sinclair DNA Mystery Lineage on Blog Talk Radio

For many years now, we've had a lineage that goes through part of Virginia, through Pennsylvania, Ireland, and southern Scotland. Yet we haven't found a common ancestor, so we've referred to them as our "Mystery Lineage." We're not yet sure where their common geography in the UK is.

Now, thanks to hard work of several of the members of this lineage, and some lucky breaks, the DNA of this Sinclair lineage seems to be pointing to some common areas.

Keep an eye on our website as we get the genealogists of this group together to discuss their research and how the DNA seems to be corroborating it.

You can hear several of our "radio shows" in which we discuss Sinclair DNA at this link.

In this next show, listen for clues that can help your own DNA study. This Sinclair lineage has definitely shown patience and inventiveness in their approach to DNA.

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