Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Sinclair DNA Exposing Some Myths

This slide show hosted on Slide Share helps to explain some of the myths of the Sinclair family. Our Sinclair DNA study is adding a bright light to many of these myths.

If you can't see the one above, click here.

For instance:

  • There weren't Templars at Bannockburn. 
  • The stone in Rosslyn Chapel which refers to William de St. Clair as a Knight Templar was put there in the 20th Century.
  • The Westford Knight is difficult to see, but the sword there is very convincing.
  • The Newport Tower is very convincing, but there's no evidence it was built by Sinclairs.
  • The carving of "two knights on a horse" in Rosslyn is one man on a horse and one behind. I've seen it in person.
  • Some Sinclairs testified against the Templars in Scotland, but some testified on their behalf.
  • Our Sinclair DNA study is beginning to prove the real facts of our family.

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